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Welcome to
Normal Adjustments

Because not all tales are created equal, and neither the people that tell them. Join me, your host Nicole Faccio, a Lymphedema patient on a journey to shed light on stories that give comfort in the fact the truth about normality is that is anything but standard. 


Honest, real, raw and empathetic conversations, about life and its challenges, without subscribing to the pity party.

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the Host

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My name is Nicole Faccio and I'm a Puerto Rican Product Manager by day, everything else by night - in this role I play a podcaster and a Lymphedema advocate, in a mission to normalise imperfection.

As a Primary Lymphedema patient since birth, I am passionate about bringing awareness not only to Rare Diseases, but to the fact that all the challenges we face in life are not unusual, but actually normal.

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