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Normal Adjustments brings you stories of people that have gone through a unique journey that forced them to live life differently from what society has deemed 'normal'. It's about challenging the concept of normality and the status quo because life is far from standard - for all of us.

The inspiration of Normal Adjustments comes from my own  personal journey living with Primary Lymphedema since birth - a disease that causes chronic swelling in my extremities due to a damaged lymphatic system that results in accumulation of fluid - and the challenges I've faced with it.

Whilst going through my acceptance journey, I decided to put my story out to the world as my duty to educate others about my condition. Little did I know that opening up and being honest would unlock a chain reaction for other people to open up, which made me realize that everyone has struggles worth sharing. So I've decided to give a space for people like me to tell their stories, highlighting the resilient power of humans and society.

The podcast is a place of honesty and transparency. I intend for listeners to go away knowing that they are not alone in their personal journey, because whatever those adjustments are, they're normal.

Because not all tales are created equal, and neither the people that tell them.


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My name is Nicole Faccio and I'm a Puerto Rican Product Manager by day, everything else by night - in this role I play a podcaster and a Lymphedema advocate, in a mission to normalise imperfection.

As a Primary Lymphedema patient since birth, I am passionate about bringing awareness not only to Rare Diseases, but to the fact that all the challenges we face in life are not unusual, but actually normal.


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